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Opry Flower Loom Opry Flower Loom
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Brand: Opry Model: Flower Loom
Make flowers in all sorts of shapes and sizes with this Flower Looms set by Opry. The technique is a simplified form of a popular type of needle lace called Tenerife in 19th-century Spain, which was performed on a round frame with pins. Wrap a strand of knitting yarn or ribbon in a specifi..
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Ex Tax:1.64€
Brand: Opry Model: Scissors
Opry Scissors set includes:1. Thread snip with protective cap2. Embroidery Scissors Stork 9cm3. Sewing Scissors 13cm4. Dressmaking Scissors 20cm5. Embroidey Scissors 10cm..
Ex Tax:13.11€
Brand: Opry Model: Opry sock blocker
Perfect tool for blocking wet socks; they dry to the sock shape and size Material: woodColor: naturalSet 2x3 sizes -S (21cm), M (22.5cm) to L (25.5cm),..
Ex Tax:22.12€
Model: Oprymarker
Opry Stitch Markers. Quantity 15 stitch markers..
Ex Tax:2.08€
Brand: Opry Model: Row Counter
Digital Row Counter Opry..
Ex Tax:2.16€
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