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AddiCrasyTrio needles are revolution in the round knitting! The 'Novel Long' version of the ever popular AddiCraSyTrio brings the ergonomic benefits of the unique 'Novel' design, along with a longer length, making them ideal for larger hands. 

The addiCraSyTrio Novel LONG made of refined brass is the proven 3-piece set of flexible sock knitting needles, but with 2 LACE tips in ergonomic square design, i.e. with square rounded edges and a textured surface. The stitches are evenly distributed across two needles and simply knitted with the third needle - so only 2 needle changes per round are needed! 


The needles' square rounded edges and textured surface make them easy on the hands and shoulders -  a great solution for people with arthritis or carpal tunnel for whom knitting with regular needles is uncomfortable. 

The longer length needle tips are 12.5cm. Overall needle length is 30cm. 

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