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Scheepjes is the brand of family owned De Bondt Textielfournituren B.V. Scheepjeswol products are always 6-9 months ahead of trends and fashion. If you like to order other Scheepjes yarns which are not in our assortment, send us a request  to email:

Brand: Scheepjes Model: Metropolis
Metropolis is a Yarn for the urban crafterIntroducing Scheepjes Metropolis; the perfect companion for the urban crafter. With contemporary life bringing with it its many distractions, we all need to find time to slow down, enjoy and maybe do a little crafting. Whether you craft in a city apartment, ..
Ex Tax:6.21€
Brand: Scheepjes Model: Mighty
MIGHTY is Jute-Cotton blended VEGAN yarn weight of Sport. This natural, wastewater created and plant-based yarn fuses the extreme durability, tensile strength and sturdiness of Jute fiber with the softness of Cotton, allowing you to make usable accessories, such as handbags and homeware items, ..
Ex Tax:2.49€
Music Box Music Box
-37 %
Brand: Scheepjes Model: Music Box
The music boxes in paper bags printed with skeins of Scheepjes yarn and the name of the tune played by the music box. The tunes to choose from include: Für Elise, Happy Birthday to You, Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, Swan Lake and Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer. These music box is lovely extra fo..
2.50€ 3.99€
Ex Tax:2.05€
Neveda (6 colors) Neveda (6 colors)
-31 %
Brand: Scheepjes Model: Neveda
Special sock yarn in natural shades60% vvirgin wool)/ 40% polyamide50g = ca 80 mNeedles no. 410x10cm = ca 14 loops and 23 rows...
1.99€ 2.90€
Ex Tax:1.63€
Nooodle Plain
-81 %
Brand: Scheepjes Model: Nooodle Plain
200g= ca. 60m50% cotton/50% polyesterNeedles: no. 12Ribbon width 2.5cm Color: Yellow 645..
0.99€ 5.34€
Ex Tax:0.81€
Nooodle Print (2 colors)
-84 %
Brand: Scheepjes Model: Nooodle Print
200g= ca. 60m50% cotton/50% polyesterNeedles: no. 12Ribbon width 2.5cm ..
0.99€ 6.09€
Ex Tax:0.81€
Brand: Scheepjes Model: Skies Light 9x28g
Made from an all-natural 100% Premium Blend cotton, the Scheepjes SKIES yarns are so soft you’d think you were holding a cloud. Dyed using beautiful shades of Indigo; a textile dye dating back to 4000BC, these yarns feature subtle colour contrasts and a hand dyed appearance. Ranging from the pale bl..
Ex Tax:15.79€
Brand: Scheepjes Model: Skies Light
Made from an all-natural 100% Premium Blend cotton, the Scheepjes SKIES yarns are so soft you’d think you were holding a cloud. VEGAN yarn.100% Premium Cotton100g = ca 340mNeedles no. 310x 10 cm = 24 loops and 31 rows..
Ex Tax:6.19€
Softfun Denim (8 colors) Softfun Denim (8 colors)
Hot -26 %
Brand: Scheepjes Model: Softfun Denim
Lovely with stoned washed  effect cotton-acrylic blended yarn. The yarn is very suitable for clothes, home decorations, toys etc.60% cotton / 40% acrylic50g = ca 140mNeedles no. 410x10cm = ca.  21 loops and 30 rows..
2.43€ 3.29€
Ex Tax:1.99€
Brand: Scheepjes Model: SW Min
Scheepjes Stone Washed Minerals is, just like Scheepjes Stone Washed, a high-quality cotton-acrylic blend in Sport weight, which feels silky soft to the touch despite the tough name. The characteristic stonewashed appearance is created by the combination of ecru cotton with colourful and fluffy acry..
Ex Tax:3.44€
Brand: Scheepjes Model: StoneWashed
78% cotton / 22% acrylic50g = ca 130mNeedles no. 3 - 3,510x10cm = ca.  24 loops and 32 rows..
Ex Tax:3.24€
Brand: Scheepjes Model: StoneWashed Color pack
Quantity 50 pcs (a´10g), Stone Washed (36 pcs) and River Washed (14 pcs) colour pack78% cotton / 22% acrylic10g = ca 26mNeedles no. 3 - 3,510x10cm = ca.  24 loops and 32 rows..
Ex Tax:30.83€
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