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Brand: Manos del Uruguay Model: Alegria
Alegría means "joy" in Spanish, and that's just what this hand-painted yarn is, a true color celebration! Easy-care with a rich, cushy hand, Alegria is perfect for socks, baby gear, or fun accessories. Hand-painted75% Superwash Merino (20,5-21 microns)/ 25% Polyamide100g = ca 405-425 m Nee..
Ex Tax:18.81€
Brand: Gazzal Model: Baby Alpaca
Baby Alpaca is Baby Alpaca -Superwash Merino blended yarn55% Baby Alpaca/ 45% Superwash Merino Fine50g = ca 160mNeedles no. 2,5- 4 mm10x 10cm = ca 24 loops and  28 rows..
Ex Tax:4.91€
Brand: Laines du Nord Model: Bizet
Bizet is merino blended self-striping yarn.97% merino /3% nylon50 g= ca 50 mNeedles no. 6-7..
Ex Tax:2.45€
Brand: Amano Model: Chaski
Step into the spring Andes with Chaski, a beautiful blend of Pima Cotton, superwash Merino wool (21,5 micron) and stabilizing linen. "Chaski" was a very important messenger in Inca society. They would often run hundreds of miles on the vast Incan empire. Amano honors their legacy with this sock weig..
Ex Tax:14.99€
Brand: Laines du Nord Model: Comet
Merino blended yarn with soft color changeovers 89% merino wool / 11% acrylic50 g.= ca 58 m.Needles: no. 7-8 (US 10,5-11)10 x 10 cm ca 13 loops and 15 rows..
Ex Tax:2.42€
Brand: Laines du Nord Model: Donder
97% merino wool / 3% polyamide50 g = ca 50 mNeedles: 6-7 (US 10-10,5)10x10 cm ca. 12 loops and 15 rowsSweater (no. 38) ca 500-550 g...
Ex Tax:2.78€
Brand: Scheepjes Model: Downtown
Scheepjes Downtown takes you on an exploration of the vibrant city centre: from the Financial District and Museum Square to City Shopper and Park Hill – with Downtown the city is your playground!Downtown is a durable yarn made from 75% Extra Fine Merino Wool and 25% Nylon in a selection of lively co..
Ex Tax:6.71€
Brand: Midara Model: Haapsalu
Midara Haapsalu is a yarn specially created for knitting Haapsalu scarves, shawls and other lacy knitwear. This yarn is delicate and light in texture, which allows you to weave beautiful lace. The yarn has a thickness of 28/2.  One Haapsalu scarf requires 1 skein or 100 g100% merino100g = ..
Ex Tax:4.92€
Brand: Gründl Model: HS Pearl
Cashmere blended luxury sock yarn.75% Wool (Merino Superwash)/ 20% Polyamid / 5% Cashmere50g = ca 200 mNeedles no. 2,5-310x 10 cm = ca 30 loops and 40 rowsSocks (no. 46) ca 100g, cardigan (no. 38) ca 500g4-ply Sock yarn..
Ex Tax:3.49€
Brand: Adriafil Model: Knitcol
Adriafil Knitcol is selt-patterning 100% merino wool, suitable for babies. Try matching it up with  Adriafil Regina yarn100% merino wool50 gr.= ca. 125 mNeedles: 4,5 mm 10x10 cm: ca 20 loops x 29 rowsCardigan (no. 40) ca 500gMachine washable ..
Ex Tax:3.16€
Brand: Mayflower Model: Luxus Sock
Luxus sock yarn is hand-dyed sock yarn. Easy-care with a rich, cushy hand, Luxus sock yarn is perfect for socks, baby gear, or fun accessories. Hand-dyed75% Superwash Wool / 25% Polyamide100g = ca 396mNeedles no. 3,5 mm10 cm x 10 cm = ca 28 sloops and 35 rowsWoman sweater  (size M) ca..
Ex Tax:10.65€
Marie (5 colors) Marie (5 colors)
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Brand: Laines du Nord Model: Marie
Marie is  merino blended fancy  yarns with tufts83% merino / 17% nylon 50 g. = ca 45 m Needles no. 7-8..
2.02€ 3.85€
Ex Tax:1.66€
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