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Brand: DMC Model: Threader
The plastic blue holder contains 3 attachments to accommodate both short and long eye needles. A small hook for threading medium weight threads and yarns, a fine wire for threading thin fibers, and a large hook for threading heavy yarns. Easy step by step instructions are included: Step 1 - Hold thr..
Ex Tax:1.96€
Brand: DMC Model: Topthis
Top This a lovely ball of yarn that comes with a whimsical character Toddlers to teens will love wearing the playful and fun hat that knits up in no time. FREE knitted hat pattern included with each ball.Yarn: 78% acrylic/ 22% nylon; Character 100% polyester80g = ca 90mNeedles no. 5,5mm10x..
Ex Tax:8.68€
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