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Czech quality yarns Ariadne

Brand: Ariadne Model: Atol
Ariadne Atol is  cotton- wool blended yarn in natural shadeColor: natural70% cotton/ 30% wool50g = ca 165mNeedles no. 3-4Cardigan no. 38 ca 350g, cardigan no. 54 ca 700gHandwash 30 degrees..
Ex Tax:1.83€
Brand: Ariadne Model: Panda
Ariadne Panda is 100% cotton yarn100% cotton100g= ca 130mNeedles no. 6-7Cardigan no. 38 ca 800g, cardigan no. 54 ca 1200gHandwash 30 degrees ..
Ex Tax:2.49€
Brand: Ariadne Model: Panda Bamboo
Luxury knitting bamboo yarn with elastan, 97% bamboo / 3% elastan50g = ca 110mNeedles no. 2.5-3..
Ex Tax:2.45€
Brand: Ariadne Model: Safari
Ariadne Safari is 100% cotton yarn100% cotton50g= ca 165mNeedles no. 3-4Cardigan no. 38 ca 300g, cardigan no. 54 ca 700gHandwash 30 degrees ..
Ex Tax:1.33€
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