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Brand: Addi Model: AddiNovel
Addi Novel premium circular needles with New ergonomic design. The needle tips are square in cross-section, with smoothly rounded edges. Needles are Nickel-free..
Ex Tax:6.84€
Brand: Addi Model: AddiNovel Q
After the success of the addiNovel circular knitting needles, as well as the addiCrasyTrio Novel and the addiClick-System Novel, all play needle hearts will now fly even higher. The set of 5 LACE-needles with the Novel structure for effortless and relaxed knitting..
Ex Tax:16.49€
Brand: Addi Model: AddiUnicorn
The Unicorn circular knitting needles are the newest addition to Addi’s assortment of circulars. The two lightweight tips feature a wavy structure which massages the hands while you’re knitting, guaranteeing comfort and hours of knitting fun. The shiny, shimmering surface of the tips seamlessly tran..
Ex Tax:7.66€
Brand: Addi Model: CrasyTrio
AddiCrasyTrio needles are revolution in the round knitting! The 'Novel Long' version of the ever popular AddiCraSyTrio brings the ergonomic benefits of the unique 'Novel' design, along with a longer length, making them ideal for larger hands. The addiCraSyTrio Novel LONG made of ..
Ex Tax:14.99€
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