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For thousands of years, the Andean people bring valuable offerings to the Inca gods. This tradition, which is a proof of the true wealth and Andean wisdom, reflects in the yarns of Amano. Amano yarns are rooted deeply in the traditions of the Andean people and yet they are contemporary and luxurious. Find a tale in each strand, each fiber a gift from the Inca gods to the people in the Andes.

Luxury yarns from Peru

Brand: Amano Model: Ayni
Ayni: The blend of super soft baby alpaca (21-23 micron) with shiny mulberry silk brings the sense of the Andean exchange in its cosiest form. Garments made from this luxury all-purpose-yarn are warm and drapey and will soon become your favourite.The alpaca in Ayni is sourced in Peru, where Ayni is ..
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Brand: Amano Model: Chaski
Step into the spring Andes with Chaski, a beautiful blend of Pima Cotton, superwash Merino wool (21,5 micron) and stabilizing linen. "Chaski" was a very important messenger in Inca society. They would often run hundreds of miles on the vast Incan empire. Amano honors their legacy with this sock weig..
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