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The textile traditions of Järbo goes back to the 1890’s as “Yllefabriken” (Wool factory) and then included in addition to yarn production including weaving, dyeing and finishing. In the 1960’s, they concentrated into yarn and then primarily industrial yarns for the manufacture of upholstery, carpets, curtains and more. Manufacture of handicraft yarns have in previous years been on a smaller scale but from the early 1980’s, this sector has increased greatly in scope.

The company has a family background and is since 1980 as Järbo Garn operated by the siblings Jan Blomberg and Kristina Yttermyr, which are also active in the company. Järbo Garn focused from start to trade with a focus on craft yarns and the range was expanded significantly, as well as market share in Sweden.

Gästrike 1tr (12 colors) Gästrike 1tr (12 colors)
Hot -12 %
Brand: Järbo Garn Model: Gastrike
Gästrike 1tr  (1-ply) is the thinnest yarn in the Gästrike family. With this classic wool yarn you'll make the sheerest shawls, light cardigans and lovely tunics in beautiful colors. The Gästrike-family is also suitable for plant dyeing and felting.100% wool100g = ca. 600 mNeedles no. 2.5mm10x1..
5.50€ 6.25€
Ex Tax:4.51€
Brand: Järbo Garn Model: Llama Silk
Soft like cashmere. Many knitters have discovered the lovely alpaca wool, but now it’s time for its unknown cousin to take a step into the limelight. With a fiber that’s just as soft and fine as the alpaca wool, the Bolivian llama really deserves your attention. It’s not for nothing they call it the..
Ex Tax:6.92€
Raggi 100g (9 colors) Raggi 100g (9 colors)
-28 %
Brand: Järbo Garn Model: Raggi100
Raggi is the father of all sock yarns. The wonderful composition of superwash wool and polyamid makes the yarn durable, and therefore perfect for socks.Raggi is also lovely warming in everything from sweaters and hats to mittens and scarves. The yarn works as good for knitting as for crocheting.&nbs..
5.99€ 8.29€
Ex Tax:4.91€
Reflex (2 colors) Reflex (2 colors)
Hot -34 %
Brand: Järbo Garn Model: Reflex
Reflex is wool blended yarn with reflective thread.61% Wool/ 26% Polyamid / 13% Reflex50g = ca 64 mNeedles no. 5, Crochet Hook no. 5,510x 10 cm = 16 loops and 21 rowsHat ca 100g ..
4.06€ 6.19€
Ex Tax:3.33€
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