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Brand: Mayflower Model: Alpaca Touch
Alpaca Touch  is soft and warmyarn for autumn/ winter knittings.60% Acryl/ 25% Wool/ 15% Alpaca50g = ca 185 mNeedles no. 310x10cm = ca 30 loops and 40 rows..
Ex Tax:2.49€
Alpalux (3 colors) Alpalux (3 colors)
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Brand: Laines du Nord Model: Alpalux
Alpalux is alpaca blended wool yarn with shiny metal thread.76% wool / 20% alpaca/ 4%  polyester 50 g = ca 80 mNeedles no. 5,5-610 x 10 cm = 13 loops and 18 rowsCardigan (no. 38) ca 500-600g..
2.30€ 3.29€
Ex Tax:1.89€
Brand: Amano Model: Ayni
Ayni: The blend of super soft baby alpaca (21-23 micron) with shiny mulberry silk brings the sense of the Andean exchange in its cosiest form. Garments made from this luxury all-purpose-yarn are warm and drapey and will soon become your favourite.The alpaca in Ayni is sourced in Peru, where Ayni is ..
Ex Tax:12.49€
Brand: Gazzal Model: Baby Alpaca
Baby Alpaca is Baby Alpaca -Superwash Merino blended yarn55% Baby Alpaca/ 45% Superwash Merino Fine50g = ca 160mNeedles no. 2,5- 4 mm10x 10cm = ca 24 loops and  28 rows..
Ex Tax:4.91€
Blazer Melange (4 colors) Blazer Melange (4 colors)
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Brand: Tropical Lane Model: Blazer Melange
Blazer Melange is thick wool-alpaca blended yarn. It is very suitable for hats, scarfs, cardigans etc.75% wool/ 5% alpaca/ 20% acrylic100g = 80mNeedles no.  6-7Handwash 30 degrees..
2.90€ 5.39€
Ex Tax:2.38€
Brand: Laines du Nord Model: Degrade
Degrade is alpaca blended wool yarn75% vwool/ 20% alpaca / 5% acrylic50g = ca 125 mNeedles no. 5-5,510 x 10cm = 18 loops and 24 rowsCardigan (no. 38) ca 450-500g..
Ex Tax:2.42€
Brand: Laines du Nord Model: Donizetti
Donizetti is  very soft and warm alpaca blended yarn.55% wool / 30% alpaca / 15% nylon50g = ca 100mNeedles no. 4-510x 10 cm = ca 22 loops and 26 rows..
Ex Tax:2.20€
Brand: Midara Model: Mix
Mix wool is a soft and luxurious yarn in a natural brown shade. Thickness  8.5/450% wool (merino)/30% camel/ 20% alpaca100g = ca 210mNeedles no. 2.5-3.5mmHand wash at 30 degreesMade in Lithuania..
Ex Tax:6.64€
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