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Brand: Gründl Model: Cottolino
Colorful linen blended summer yarn. 80% cotton/20% linen50g = ca. 115 mNeedles: 3-410x10 cm : ca 21 loops and  28 rowsCardigan (no. 38): ca. 450g..
Ex Tax:2.83€
Brand: Amano Model: Chaski
Step into the spring Andes with Chaski, a beautiful blend of Pima Cotton, superwash Merino wool (21,5 micron) and stabilizing linen. "Chaski" was a very important messenger in Inca society. They would often run hundreds of miles on the vast Incan empire. Amano honors their legacy with this sock weig..
Ex Tax:14.99€
Brand: Midara Model: Linas
Midara Linas is a 100% natural linen yarn suitable for knitting and crocheting. Washing makes the yarn softer and silkierThe color number and meters (how many meters are in 100 grams) are indicated next to the color of the yarn.100% linenNeedles no. 2.5-4mmMade in Lithuania..
Ex Tax:3.44€
Brand: BC Garn Model: Lino
BC Lino is 100% linen yarn.100% linen50g = ca 150mNeedles no. 3-4 mm10 x 10 cm = ca 21 loops and 32 rowsMachine  wash (delicate)Ladies sweater (size M ) ca 450g..
Ex Tax:3.33€
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