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Brand: Amano Model: Ayni
Ayni: The blend of super soft baby alpaca (21-23 micron) with shiny mulberry silk brings the sense of the Andean exchange in its cosiest form. Garments made from this luxury all-purpose-yarn are warm and drapey and will soon become your favourite.The alpaca in Ayni is sourced in Peru, where Ayni is ..
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Brand: Etrofil Model: Frisby
High quality wool -silk blended yarn55% lambwool/ 25% silk/ 25% polyamide50g = ca 230mNeedles no.  210x 10 cm = ca 27 loops and 35 rows..
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Brand: Järbo Garn Model: Llama Silk
Soft like cashmere. Many knitters have discovered the lovely alpaca wool, but now it’s time for its unknown cousin to take a step into the limelight. With a fiber that’s just as soft and fine as the alpaca wool, the Bolivian llama really deserves your attention. It’s not for nothing they call it the..
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Brand: Fibra Natura Model: Papyrus
Cotton Silk blended yarn78% Cotton/ 22% Silk50g = ca 120mNeedles no. 4 mm10x 10 cm = ca 21 loops and 29 rows..
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Vintage Silk (5 colors) Vintage Silk (5 colors)
-38 %
Brand: Karen Noe Design Model: Vintage Silk
Vintage Silk comes from India and it is hand dyed and spuned.  Vintage is a soft, fine singles yarn, each colourway is dyed with several colours.The yarn can be used by itself, but it is also very suitable worked together with other yarns.Vintage is great for: lightweight garments, shawls ..
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