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Brand: Manos del Uruguay Model: Alegria
Alegría means "joy" in Spanish, and that's just what this hand-painted yarn is, a true color celebration! Easy-care with a rich, cushy hand, Alegria is perfect for socks, baby gear, or fun accessories. Hand-painted75% Superwash Merino (20,5-21 microns)/ 25% Polyamide100g = ca 405-425 m Nee..
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Brand: Mayflower Model: Luxus Sock
Luxus sock yarn is hand-dyed sock yarn. Easy-care with a rich, cushy hand, Luxus sock yarn is perfect for socks, baby gear, or fun accessories. Hand-dyed75% Superwash Wool / 25% Polyamide100g = ca 396mNeedles no. 3,5 mm10 cm x 10 cm = ca 28 sloops and 35 rowsWoman sweater  (size M) ca..
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Brand: Mayflower Model: Merino the Collection
Merino the Collection includes 4 different skeins  from dark to white shades.  You can knit or crochet items with color changeover. Merino the Collection is hand dyed.Set 4x 50g (total 200g)100% merino50g = ca 160m'Needles no. 4,510x10cm = ca 20 loops and 27 rowsPatterns of Merino the..
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Vintage Silk (5 colors) Vintage Silk (5 colors)
-38 %
Brand: Karen Noe Design Model: Vintage Silk
Vintage Silk comes from India and it is hand dyed and spuned.  Vintage is a soft, fine singles yarn, each colourway is dyed with several colours.The yarn can be used by itself, but it is also very suitable worked together with other yarns.Vintage is great for: lightweight garments, shawls ..
5.70€ 9.19€
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Wolltraum (12 colors) Wolltraum (12 colors)
-39 %
Brand: Wolltraum Model: Wolltraum
Wolltraum is a hand made hand wrapped yarn composed of 50% Cotton 50% Acrylic material. Pictures show two different ways the colorway can come and you may choose which if any you prefer. 3 Ply is a fine fingering/lace weight.Each cake is made with great care and love. They each come with their own u..
18.00€ 29.50€
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