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Brand: Scheepjes Model: MAL
Unwind this summer with a knitted sock project! Whether you're on holiday or enjoying a relaxing staycation at home, this portable project is perfect for creating comfy socks, wherever you are. TheSummer Sock-A-Long, created by Carmen of New Leaf Designs, designer of the 2020 Cosy Mom..
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Brand: Scheepjes Model: Dog
The crochet pattern in the Scheepjes Amigurumi Kit of the cute dog and his bone was designed by Halime Özel. This kit is intended for crafters with a medium skill level. You will crochet this cuddly toy with Scheepjes Softfun. The details, such as the collar and the face features, are made..
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Amigurumi Box A Journey  underwater Amigurumi Box A Journey  underwater
-26 %
Brand: Schachenmayr Model: Underwater
Schachenmayr Amigurumi Box A Journey  underwater Crochet set. Set includes: 25 x 20g Catania ( 100% Cotton),pattern booklet (DE/EN) for 12 colorful design20g = ca 50mNeedles no. 2.5-3.5 mm10 x 10 cm = 26 loops and 36 rows..
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Brand: Scheepjes Model: Xmas
The crochet patterns in this Scheepjes Christmas Tree Ornaments crochet kit were designed by Kate McCully. The cute and cheerful decorations are guaranteed to get you and your home into the Christmas spirit. This kit is intended for crafters with a medium skill level. This Scheepjes croche..
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Brand: Scheepjes Model: Cat
Amigurumi Kit of the cute cat and mouse was designed by Halime Özel. This kit is intended for crafters with a medium skill level. You will crochet this cuddly toy with Scheepjes Softfun. The details, such as the bow and the face features, are made with Scheepjes Catona. This Scheepjes Amigurumi..
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Brand: Scheepjes Model: Cahlista Color pack
Quantity 109pcs (a´15g). Total is 1,635kg100% Double Cased Cotton15g = ca 25,5mNeedles no. 4.5-510x10cm = ca.  19  loops and 23 rows..
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CAL Rozeta  Our Tribe 2019 CAL Rozeta  Our Tribe 2019
-28 %
Brand: Scheepjes Model: Rozeta Our Tribe
Scheepjes CAL 2019 ROZETA’ MIDNIGHTInspired by rose windows found in gothic architecture, silhouetted against the sky at different times of the day. Scheepjes presents Rozeta, The Official Scheepjes CAL 2019 designed by Tatsiana Kupryianchyk of Lilla Björn Crochet.The CAL begins 9 October&..
70.15€ 97.59€
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Brand: Scheepjes Model: Catona Color Pack
Catona Color Pack contains 109 pieces of Catona different shades (a´10g).100% cotton 10g = 25m (50g = 125m) Rods no. 2.5-3.5 10x10cm = ca 36 rows and 26 loopsPR- EORDER, DELIVERY TIME 3 weeks..
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Brand: Scheepjes Model: CKAL Blue
Create a knitted or crocheted cushion with a duplicate stitch or cross stitch motif of a blue tit, designed by Liz of Bizzymitts. Liz’s designs beautifully combine stitching techniques with knitting or crochet, showcasing the remarkable colours of this sweet bird.This CKAL is suitable for intermedia..
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Brand: Scheepjes Model: CKAL
This CKAL is suitable for intermediate through to advanced crocheters or knitters. Beginning on 24 January, this 4 week KCAL is not to be missed!​Martin will be releasing blogposts and helpful tips throughout the four weeks of the CKAL, typically on Wednesdays at 12 noon CET. The info..
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Brand: Scheepjes Model: Fibonacci
The knitting pattern for the Fibonacci Shawlette in this Scheepjes knitting kit was designed by Carmen Jorissen. The lace patterns run like lush foliage from the centre and extend to all sides, making this shawl the perfect finishing touch to even the simplest outfits. The pattern repeats ..
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HiyaHiya Bamboo Circular Needles  set NEW HiyaHiya Bamboo Circular Needles  set NEW
-22 %
Brand: HiyaHiya Model: HiyaHiyaBset
HiyaHiya's strong, flexible cables and seamless joins are teamed with high quality, resin-injected bamboo to offer exceptional strength and resistance to splitting and warping.These circulars ensure that stitches glide effortlessly over the needle tips and are available from 9" / 23cm (tip to tip) f..
35.00€ 45.00€
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